The Sino-Canada joint venture Wuxi SCORE Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in December, 2011 which is mainly specialized in research and development of high-end control valves. The products are widely used by all kinds of devices applied in petrochemical, chemical, fertilizer, oil & gas, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, power station, construction materials, air separation and other major industries in China. Special features of Wuxi SCORE enable Wuxi SCORE to provide localization plan with high reliability for process automation of China.

1.1 Strong R & D Ability
  SCORE introduced advanced foreign technology and design principles, adopted ASME, ANSI, API, TSG, CE, IEC and other international and domestic regulations and standards, made research on features of control valve of various manufacturers both home and abroad, applied latest computer hardware and software technology (3D modeling, finite element analysis of mechanical, CFD fluid analysis) and proceeded fully standardization, optimization and reliability analysis of control valves in order to design the most suitable control valve to meet control requirements of various fluids. 
The main products include metal seated ball valve, parallel slide gate valve, triple-offset butterfly valve and globe valves of various structures. The metal seated ball valve is mainly applied for mixed fluid which contains particles and dust, is used by many domestic enterprises of coal chemical and polycrystalline silicon industry to replace imported products.The triple-offset butterfly valve is for throttling and cut-off of liquid with low pressure. The globe valves are of wide application and large production amount which are applicable for various both conventional and severe services. Based on the product features, Wuxi SCORE is targeted at the following markets: petrochemical, coal chemical industry, oil & gas, power station and air separation, etc.

  3D Gallery of GC100 3” Cage Valve Body

CFD Analysis for GC100 3” Cage Valve Body

  CFD Analysis for AC400 4”x2” ANSI 2500# High Pressure Multi-step Plug Angle Valve

1.2 Advanced Technical Transformation Ability
Globe valve after 3D modeling and CFD analysis gains the highest flow capability and the most fluent path. SCORE directly uses 3D cavity drawing for the machining of metal and wooden pattern for casting. Technical transformation with zero-deviation from drawing to pattern is realized via CAD and CAM.

UG 3D modeling of GC100 6”-1500# Body Gallery UG 3D modeling of GC100 6”-1500# Body

Wooden Pattern on CNC

Wooden Pattern of BT300 Disc after CAM

Before Painting

Finished Wooden pattern of GC100 4”-1500# Body

1.3 Reliable product realization ability

The advanced technology means product realization by advanced equipment in SCORE. Therefore, we purchase metal lapping machine from German EF for lapping of parallel slide gate valve, purchased machining center and NC lathe from Korean DOOSAN for machining of all kinds of key parts, purchased NC vertical lathe from Taiwanese HONOR SEIKI Co, Ltd. for machining of large-sized valve body and parts, purchased spherical lathe, spherical grinding machine, spherical lapping machine and other special equipments to ensure reliable implementation of advanced technology. We also purchased the movable spectrum analyzer from German Spectro for PMI testing of the raw materials. The equipment investment was up to USD 2 million for Phase I(before year 2015) and the planned investment for Phase II (year 2016) will be up to USD 1.3 million.

Our company adopts globle sourcing concept. Packing, seal ring, gasket, diaphragm and other key components are all from international companies to ensure the product reliability, including Garlock, Flexitalic, RPP of America, Saint-Gobain of France, Pillar of Japan, GEE of Britain, etc.The office and factory area of our company covers an area of 3500m2. There are 50 employees in our company with annual sales revenue up to USD 5 million in year 2014. The planned sales revenue for year 2015 is USD 8 million. Our company provides reliable solutions with high cost performance for process automation of major equipments in China.

The head office of our company is located in headquarter of China Industrial Exposition Park in New District, Wuxi with convenient transportation and good supporting service. Factory of our company is located at Xinwu District of Wuxi. 
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