BE100/BE120 Eccentric Rotating Plug Valves
BE100 and BE120 series camflex rotary valves are segmented ball valve, which also have some features of ball valves. Compared with globe valves, this kind of valve is of compact, large capacity and wide rangeability, etc.. It is relatively economical for liquid with low pressure drop and large flow rate, and is applicable to control liquid with high viscosity or slurry, fiber and solid particles.
BE100 is of wafer type (with lugs hole) and BE120 is of flange type.

Body Styles BE100 BE120
Connections Wafer Type Flanged (RF) Type
Body Size 1”~18” 1”~18”
Body Rating ANSI 150#~600#
Face to Face ISA S75.04 ANSI B16.10
Fluid Temperature -45~+600℃
Body Material WCB,WC6,WC9,LCB,CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,Duplex,Monel,Hastelloy,Inconel,Titanium,etc…
Disc Material CF8M,CF3,CF3M,Duplex,Monel,Hastelloy,Inconel,Titanium,etc…
Disc Treatment ENP or Stellited, Tungsten Carbide Coated, Tungsten Carbide Lined (≥10mm)
Flow Characteristics Approximate Linear
Rangeability Full Bore: 100:1, Reduced Bore: 15:1~50:1
Seat Material Reinforced Teflon, A564-630/PH, A276-316/Stellite N0.6, A564-630/Tungsten Carbide Coated, A564-630/Tungsten Carbide Lined, A276-316/Tungsten Carbide Coated, A276-316/Tungsten Carbide Lined
Seat Leakage Metal Seat ANSI Class Ⅳ
Soft Seat ANSI Class Ⅵ
Actuator Combination

   D100RA: Multi-spring Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator

   P200RA: Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator 

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