BM100/BM200 Metal Seated Ball Valves
BM100 and BM120 series are metal seated ball valves, which adopt High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) to coat tungsten carbide or chromium carbide on metal ball surface and valve seat sealing surface. Thermal spraying process is adopted for nickel base alloy spraying on ball surface and stellite-alloy surfacing on valve seat sealing surface. Hardness strengthening is done on the supporting sealing surface. Special high-speed grinding machine, spherical turning lathe, grinding and turning ball and valve seat is applied to ensure spherical degree of the ball. Finally special rubbing machine and process of SCORE is adopted to perform supporting rubbing of ball and valve seat in order to ensure complete sealing of the sealing pair. Zero-leakage can be achieved under best situation.
Ball and valve after supporting rubbing will completely attached to form seamless sealing surface which may prevent impurities from entering in an effective way. When the ball is rotating, the valve seat sealing surface may scrap impurities attached on the ball surface to realize self-cleaning function.

It is applicable for liquid with high temperature and pressure and containing particle, dust, fiber and slurry.

BM100 is of floating ball type and BM200 is of trunnion ball type.


Body Styles BM100 (Floating) BM200 (Trunnion)
Body Size 1/2”~4” 2”~24”
Connections Flanged Type (RF、RTJ、FM)
Body Rating ANSI 150#~600#, ANSI 900#~2500#
Fluid Temperature -45~+600℃
Body Material WCB/A105, WC6/F11, WC9/F22, LCB/LF2, CF8/F304, CF8M/F316, CF3/F304L, CF3M/F316L, A995-4A/S31308, etc…
Body Material A276-410, A276-316
Ball Treatment Tungsten Carbide/Chrome Carbide Coated, Self-Fluxing Nickel–Based Alloy (Metco 16C)
Seat Treatment Tungsten Carbide/Chrome Carbide Coated, Stellited Hard Face (Stellite 2)
Seat Leakage ANSI Class Ⅴ,Ⅵ, 0 Leakage
Actuator Combination    P100RA: Pneumatic Piston Cylinder Actuator 

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