D100RA Multi Spring Pneumatic Diaphragm
D100RA Pneumatic Diaphragm ACTUATORS

Pneumatic diaphragm actuator of this series adopts multi-spring structure with compact, high performance and big thrust. The working principles areas follows: electricity or gas signal from controller will enter the diaphragm room after converted into air pressure by positioner to form push force to act on the diagram and make the push rod move. Meanwhile the spring is compressed until the acting force is balanced with counter-acting force to make the push rod reach preset position. 


Type Rotary Shaft Motion Type
D122RA D127RA D135RA D14LRA D15LRA
Type 220 270 350 450 550
Nominal Diaphragm Area (cm2) 188.82 314.33 555.88 956.83 1,548.82
Air Supply /Spring Range (KPa) 400/120~280
Max. Output @ 70°(Nm) 61.5 153.5 362.0 934.7 1891.2
Rated Stroke 50°、60°、70°
Action Ditect Action (DA) or Reverse Action (RA)
Environment Temp. Standard Type: -20~+70℃, Low Temp. Service: -50+40℃, High Temp. Service: 0~+100℃
Options Manual Handwheel, Limit Switch, Positioner, Airset, Solenoid Valve, etc...

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